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Saturday, August 23rd
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2013-2014 NFL Record
(57-42-5) 58% +26.1 DIMES

2013-2014 NCAA Football Record
(58-49-0) 54% +12.7 DIMES

2013-2014 NCAA Basketball Record
(84-57-4) 60% +70.05 DIMES

2014 MLB Record
(50-39-3) 56% +17.8 DIMES

Pythagorean Theorem, Turnover Margin, and how it Correlates to the Kansas City Chiefs Season Win Total Expectation

Payne Insider - Posted on 18 August 2014

Written By: Billy Attridge

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* LVH Opening Total: 8 (O-120, U+100)

* BetOnline Current Total: 8.5 (U-170)

* BetOnline AFC West Odds: (+650)

The NFL Regular Season kicks off in less than a month, but for serious sports gamblers and investors alike, the preparation for this upcoming season likely began at least three months ago. The amount of data and information that is pertinent to having success as a sports bettor takes time to acquire. One team that jumps off the page as being overvalued based on last year’s results, and could be destined for a sub-par season, is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Questions Bettors should Ask and Analyze at the end of each Betting Season

Payne Insider - Posted on 09 June 2014

Written By: Billy Attridge

 Betting Questions Sports Investors Should Ask and Analyze Image hosted by Successful sports bettors have unique skills and talents that allow them to profit in a market where less than 2% can. Work ethic, discipline, and talent for analyzing information and data makes them a rare breed. The glitz and glamour of placing a wager or taking a position on a sporting event often overshadows the incredible amount of labor and diligence put in by professional bettors each day. One practice that sports bettors on any level should apply to their betting acumen is; review! At the end of any given betting season, whether your pockets are flush with cash or you ended in the red (please bet responsibly), you should be asking yourself these types of questions:

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