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PayneInsider will accommodate all your sports betting wants, and needs. Providing daily selections including; Football Picks, Basketball Picks, and Baseball Picks with unmatched research, analysis, and information. Payne's among the very best in the industry at setting clients up with strict guidelines to managing money. Quit looking at betting as a risk, and start looking at it as an investment! Our stock market approach with an emphasis on beating the closing line consistently can not be duplicated; it's what sets us apart from the competition. PayneInsider is in the top 1% of a 500 billion dollar sports betting industry each and every year. That's an elite group making consistent profits wagering on sports, and Payne's proud to be in such an elite class. All of our sports picks are released against widely available lines with fully transparent recordkeeping. Every pick Payne releases is graded and updated in our records archive daily, win or lose. In an uncertain industry, be a part of something certain - Join the team today!

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Friday, July 3rd

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2014-2015 NFL Record
(74-40-2) 65% +76.65 DIMES

2013-2014 NCAA Basketball Record
(84-57-4) 60% +70.05 DIMES

2014 MLB Record
(51-40-3) 56% +18.5 DIMES

Football SuperContest Proxy - LVH Westgate Superbook Starts Taking Entries for its Annual NFL Tournament July 1st

Payne Insider - Posted on 30 June 2015

 Westgate 2015 Super Contest Proxy Image hosted by Payneinsider.comThe 2015 SuperContest at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook expects to be even bigger than last year, when a record 1,403 entries made it worth more than $2 million to those entrants who finished among the Top 30 places and were paid out following the 17-week NFL season. At $1,500 per entry, the SuperContest has been known since its inception as the best NFL handicapping contest in the world, with last year’s winner taking home a record $740,000 for picking winners at an insane 76 percent clip.

Sports Betting 101: Market shopping and the Effect it will have on your Bottom Line

Payne Insider - Posted on 09 March 2015

Written By: Billy Attridge

 Line Shopping for Sports Betting Image hosted by As the push to legalize sports betting continues, it seems fitting to have a brief refresher on the fundamentals of investing in the sports betting marketplace. To start, betting on sports requires a discipline that many fail to recognize, or care to practice each and every single day in order to attain profitability. Understanding the risk involved with gambling and the work necessary to be successful is a decent head start to game planning your way to cashing (more) tickets in 2015 and beyond. One of the most crucial elements to wagering that involves both discipline and hard work is line shopping.

Live Betting: Three Reasons Sports Investors Should Consider Adding in-game Wagering to their Portfolio

Payne Insider - Posted on 10 December 2014

Written By: Billy Attridge

 Live Betting: Sports Investors Should Consider in-game Wagering Image hosted by Payneinsider.comReason 1: Options, Options, Options

Live Wagering provides bettors with a plethora of choices in the sports betting market. Buying off a side, locking in a middle, and getting down at a more advantageous number than offered at close are all opportunities that professional bettors look to capitalize on.

Las Vegas Westgate NFL SuperContest Standings Update: How Many Points Will it Take to Win?

Payne Insider - Posted on 19 November 2014

Written By: Billy Attridge

 Las Vegas Westgate NFL SuperContest Standings Update: How Many Points Will it Take to Win Image hosted by Payneinsider.comWith NFL Week 11 wrapping up, what better way to review the season thus far than by checking in with the prestigious Westgate SuperContest. Through 55 games (5 picks per week), CH BALLERS leads the pack with 42 points, picking winners at a 76.36% clip. Using basic statistical principles that Justin Zovas highlighted for readers in his pre-competition piece on the SuperContest for Todd’s Take, we can further evaluate the positions of the leaders, and consider the probability of someone eclipsing the projected 57.5 wins this year.

NFL Midseason Betting Report: Most and Least Profitable, and Teams you should Buy and Sell Down the Stretch

Payne Insider - Posted on 04 November 2014

Written By: Billy Attridge

 NFL Midseason Betting Report: Most and Least Profitable Teams Image hosted by Payneinsider.comSports bettors are constantly searching for relevant information that can aid them in their quest to profit in the evolving NFL sports market. Taking a step back to observe which teams have fattened pockets, and which have been costly, is an important strategy when investing in the NFL market. Always remember, no matter how good or poor a team might be, the point spread is the great equalizer. The Oakland Raiders might be 0-8, but they are 4-4 against the spread, while the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks are just 3-5 against the spread.

NFL Betting Market: All 'Moves' are not Created Equal

Payne Insider - Posted on 24 September 2014

Written By: Billy Attridge

 NFL Betting Market: All 'MovesBetting the NFL is unlike betting any other sport. The amount of public money that saturates the market on a weekly basis allows professional bettors the opportunity to capitalize on line adjustments based purely on public action. For every investor claiming the NFL betting market is too tight, professional bettors understand it's the market with the least efficient money in conjunction with the opportunity to invest larger sums than any other american sport market. The public has a tendency to overreact; teams are constantly being evaluated based on what they accomplished (or did not) the previous week, and bet accordingly.

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