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3/28 Monday NBA Free Pick:

Payne Insider - Posted on 28 March 2011

Magic Vs. Knicks @7:35 PM Eastern
PICK: New York Knicks ML (+120)

The way the Knicks have been playing this game will result in a straight up win, or another pounding like the last 7. Point being, I don't see the rationale in taking +2 or +2.5 depending on where you shop, play the money line. Carmelo Anthony has labeled this game a "MUST WIN!" The last time he labeled a game as such, was when he and his Knicks went into Miami and beat the Heat. Bottom line, aside from getting used to each other, the problem with this Knicks team is effort. Both Amare and Melo have always needed to be jumped started with a kick in the ass to play to their potential, 7 loses in a row, New York media up your ass, and people bashing you is just that jump start. The Magic are also without a lot of players this evening. Nelson is out, Redick is out, Richardson is 50/50 -- who does that leave? I will take plus money with any team in the league against a team being ran by the ultimate loser (Gilbert Arenas). Throw in the fact that the Magic bench is short to begin with -- and I just see this as a great situational spot for the Knicks. The reason this isn't a Premium Selection is for the simple fact that although I have listed some great reasons to play this true line sets this game as a Pick'em with current lineups, a virtual coin flip. +2 isn't enough for me to jump at that and upgrade it to a premium selection, but as a free pick I have no problems playing the bookmaker in a game of Heads and Tails when he's going to pay me $1.20 when it lands on my side, and I'm going to pay him $1.00 when it lands on his side.

Sunday 3/13 ACC Championship

Payne Insider - Posted on 13 March 2011

Duke Blue Devils -3

This was a game we got on early to get ahead of the market, it currently sits at -3.5 at most books (We still like it there). There are a few 3's still out there, but in a game like this, I truly don't see the hook coming into play. A lot of great elements involved in this game -- and for the Blue Devils you have a great shot with a win today at being a #1 Seed. You also have a great shot at revenge! Just 8 days ago UNC smacked Duke by 14. Think about that, by 14? Yet, Vegas releases the Blue Devils as a favorite today? Like Vegas, I truly feel Duke is the better team, and today that will be on display! Take the Dukies minus the points.

10/10 Sunday NFL - Free Pick

Payne Insider - Posted on 10 October 2010

@ 1:00 PM Eastern Standard
#428 Houston Texans -3

Great, you had 9 sacks in a half! You were only up 3 at that point? The Texans can run the ball with Foster and that will not allow the Giants to just pin their ears back and rush the passer on each and every single down. Mathias Kiwanuka is out on the Giants D-Line today and he is their most important asset to stopping the run. Foster should have a big day. Giants shouldn't have issues throwing it around either but; they have averaged 3 turnovers per game on offense this year - you simply can't do that and win on the road in the NFL.

9/12 Sunday Free Pick

Payne Insider - Posted on 12 September 2010

NFL @ 1:00PM Eastern Standard

9/2 Thursday Free Pick:

Payne Insider - Posted on 02 September 2010

NCAAF @7:30 PM Eastern Standard
#133 Southern Mississippi +14

5/16 Sunday Free Pick:

Payne Insider - Posted on 16 May 2010

NBA @3:35 PM Eastern
#504 Orlando Magic -6

5/13 Thursday Free Pick:

Payne Insider - Posted on 13 May 2010

MLB @ 7:05 PM Eastern
#905 New York Mets ML (+122)

5/12 Wednesday Free Pick:

Payne Insider - Posted on 12 May 2010

MLB @10:15 PM Eastern
#965-966 Padres-Giants Over 7 (-115)

5/2 Sunday Free Pick:

Payne Insider - Posted on 02 May 2010

NBA @3:40 PM Eastern
#707-708 Jazz-Lakers Under 199.5

4/28 Wednesday FreePick:

Payne Insider - Posted on 28 April 2010

NBA @8:10 PM Eastern
#538 Atlanta Hawks - 5 (FIRST HALF WAGER)

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