12/9 Free Pick: College Basketball

Payne Insider - Posted on 09 December 2011

Idaho Vs. Oregon State @10:00pm
#846 Oregon State -12.5

We talk about battles between sharps fighting for the best number all the time, this was one of those instances. I personally missed out on the early move, and although it still comes extremely close to yielding the value of a premium play, there's just no reason to force anything tonight. There's a card loaded with value Saturday, and we're off to a 19-9 college basketball start this season, simply no reason to force. This was in fact a true position from my guys out west, confirmed earlier in the day, was hoping for a readjustment, but it's not coming as the public will also come in on the favorite here. The equation is simply tonight, can Idaho continue shooting 44% from 3? The Beavers defense has been relentless lately, great interior defense allows their guards to get out and defend, as oppose to collapsing in. If they can play Idaho straight, they should be able to contain the 3 and run away with this one. Oregon State is 6-0-1 against the spread their last 7 lined games, and I think that streak improves on Friday night at the Gill Coliseum.

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